EuroVarsity is a EuroKids initiative that offers varied opportunities forlearning by bringing forth vast amount of knowledge at the fingertips using engaging learning experiences. We intend to be a great equalizer for young and old, working men and women and all those who must balance both the cost and the demands of college, work and family responsibilities.

EuroVarsity also aims at defining the quality of online education by moving the needle from passive teaching to active and authentic learning, by creating hands-on, sensory-rich learning experiences that our students need to become effective 21st-century professionals.


EuroVarsity will make high quality education an open option for all by paving way for affordable access, anytime and anywhere.

The Features

Audio Visual Lectures

Online Education gives you incredible flexibility of time, place and pace without compromising on learning and knowledge!

All the courses of EuroVarsity will be designed to ensure that you get a classroom feel at the comforts of your home. Hence you have a simulated classroom environment with audio-visual lectures for every topic in every Unit of a paper.

While watching these lecture- videos, you can pause, as well as replay it. This gives you the freedom to pace the lectures as per your needs.


Discussion Forum

Use our discussion forum to come together and learn. These forums will use a range of questions beginning from Socratic, diagnostic, recall check, emotion eliciting questioning to encourage a healthy discussion amongst the learners.

Through the discussion forum you will get involved into exploratory learning by being able to review and respond to the work of others and approach learning in diverse ways.

Also reap the benefits of having on field experts participate in the discussion forum as they post information and respond to your questions.


Mentor Connect

Each student will be assigned a mentor; a person who would ensure that you not only complete the course in the best possible way but also evolve into an excellent teaching professional. You can post your query to the mentor anytime and she will reply to you within 2 working days. Your mentor will be available to help you go beyond the material and to clarify concepts, create perspective, and provide assistance when needed.

Your mentor will also give you detailed inputs on your assignments as well as the practical work so that you can keep improving upon your work.



E-library provides a plethora of research papers, articles, powerpoints, videos and links to add on to the knowledge given within the course paper. These engagements are critical as it will widen your horizon as well as perspective. The learners are encouraged to research and explore theE-library for optimum performance in the assignments, practical as well as the internship.

Placement Assistance

EuroKids being a pioneer in the Preschool Industry employs teachers in excess of 6000 within its network of over 900 preschools spread all around India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Every year we have 1000s of job openings with the demand increasing every year. Our years of experience in the preschool industry have also led us to liaison with various other like-minded preschools as well as supplementary preschool services like day cares, after school programs, hobby classes’ etc.

Hence complete support will be provided to our students to find placements within our EuroKids Network as well as other institutes of reputation in the same field.


An integrated education company, EuroKids International was incorporated in 1997. Since its inception, the company has been committed towards providing world-class education to children through Pre-Schools and K12 schools

EuroKids Pre Schools

EuroKids specialises in early childhood educationand has raised the bar for Pre-School education in the country.EuroKids curriculum focuses on developing 'Executive Function Skills' (EFS) in children that are crucial for learning, development and positive behaviour. It integrates multiple representation, expression and engagement to focus on developing Executive Function Skills vital for the Next Gen learners.

In 2001, EuroKids launched with just 2 Pre-Schools and today, it has grown into a strong network of over 900 Pre-Schools spread across 350 towns and cities having nurtured more than 300,000 children till date.

EuroKids constant endeavour to be a quality conscious company has led toawards for being the Best Franchisor of the year in the year 2003 and 2008, Business Leadership award in the year 2005 and 2009, Best in Category- Education for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013.


EuroSchool currently operates 10 schools offering CBSE, ICSE & IGCSEBoards with the strength of over 13000 students.

EuroSchool is the primary and secondary school arm of EuroKids International Pvt. Ltd. that has adopted a unique philosophy of 'Balanced Schooling'; a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, theoretical and practical training and traditional and modern teaching methods. EuroSchool transforms students into responsible global Citizens, while retaining their rich Indian ethos. This balance develops them academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively.

The Team


  Prajodh Rajan

  Vikas Phadnis

    Amit singh

   Dr. Anita Madan


  Dr. Natasha Mehta

  Raymond Fernandes

   Pradnya Patil

    Sibi Fakih


   Nikunj Gupta

   Nitesh Kumar