EuroVarsity ‘Learn to Teach’ Scholarship

The importance of good teachers is no secret. Decades of research findings are unequivocal about the connection between teacher quality and student learning. Preschools all over the world understand that what teachers know and can do is the most important influence on what students learn.Hence preparing, recruiting and retaining good teachers are the central strategy for improving our schools. EuroVarsity’s “Learn to Teach” scholarship is one of our efforts towards this direction

This scholarship is provided purely on the merit of the candidate with the scholarship amount being decided by the performance in the assessment test. The maximum scholarship covered under this program is 30%.

The scholarship assessment test will be a 40 minutes assessment having multiple choice questions from the field of Child development, Pedagogy, Attitude, Communication and General Knowledge.

Please select the option ‘Apply for scholarship test’ in the enrolment form to register for the scholarship test. Steps for obtaining Scholarship

Filling of the Enrolment form
Link for Scholarship test sent to the registered Email Address (Link sent Immediately)
Link for assessment test expires in 7 Days
Candidate appears for the Online Scholarship Test (~40 Minutes)
Scholarship test result & Payment link sent to the registered Email Address
(Link for payment page expires in 7 Days)
Processing of Course Fee
Login Details & Starting Guide for the Course sent to the registered Email Address
(~ 2 Working days)
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